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Meet ZE Chef
start up
Meetzechef is a peer-to-peer platform designed to help reduce foodwaste by putting individuals in contact with each others.
ZE concept:
You baked too many portions? Take a picture & post it on meetzechef.com, someone around you is hungry.
You are hungry and short of money, or simply can't be bothered with cooking? Geolocalise yourself and find an offer near you.
People can choose to offer their 'additional portions' for free= real anti-foodwaste or for a few € (a compensation).
MeetZEChef is a webapp based on geolocalisation and instantaneity to match the new generation needs : #rightnow #sharingeconomy #goodfood #ecoconscious
We strive to help reduce foodwaste and help people do something about it with a minimum implication (no need to join an organization on a long term basis), a little portion goes a long way against #foodwaste.
Plus, if reducing your foodwaste can help reduce hunger, it's a triple win situation for you, someone else and the planet!
So help us and join the battle against foodwaste on www.meetzechef.com